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Social Media Management

The New Billboard for your Business!

Social Media is here to stay. Its predicted that digital advertising will exceed traditional ads this year (2019). What better way to get your voice heard than social media?

We all know what Social Media is and chances are we spend some time browsing the feed looking for things to keep us entertained. Not only is it a good spot to browse your favorite “cat and Dog” pictures, but is a great place to showcase your business. It’s a place where your business can get your message out, show your product and services. If you broadcast good content, the customer will come. If you build value, your subscribers will point to you for advice and eventually become your customer. Let your voice be heard!

I tell my clients to think of digital marketing as your digital billboard. Every time you post content related to what you do, a few things can happen:

  • A new customer is introduced to your brand.

  • A potential customer views your feed again and this creates another touch point.

  • An existing customer is reminded to shop again or shares it with a friend.

These are just a few things that happen when your posting consistently and have value related content. It keeps your business in the front of customers minds.

The biggest push back I get from businesses is the time commitment. A good social media plan involves strategy, good tactics, great content, and consistently. We can make this easy! Your Digital Bridge offers DIY services that can make your social media start to fly or managed services that can take it to the next level.

Learn more about how we build your social media strategy.

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